Detailed information about cookies

We use cookies and other technologies that store data on your device to keep the site reliable and secure, tailor your experience and analyze site usage.

The table below describe the functional cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of the page. Additional cookies are stored for the analytics and metrics purposes.

Name Type Expiry Purpose
DA-de82bdcb2... * HTTP-only, secure Expires with session We store a randomly generated session ID, so that you are able to sign in and stay signed in while you are submitting your data.
pushed Secure Expires with session These two cookies store the layout choices that the user (applicant) has made, for example if the left sidebar menu is preferred open or closed.
wcag-contrast Secure Expires with session This cookie is used to remember if the the user (applicant) has enabled the "High contrast mode" accessibility feature.
locale HTTP-only
2 years This cookie stores the locale (language) that the user (applicant) has chosen (or has been automatically applied).
territory[territory] HTTP-only
2 years This cookie stores the country/territory that the user (applicant) is coming from, in order to show the correct applicable deadlines, fees and requirements.
territory[verified] HTTP-only
2 years This cookie stores whether or not the user (applicant) has verified the automatically detected country/territory.
cookies Secure 2 years This cookie stores the choices that the user (Applicant) has made in the "Cookie preferences" dialog.
wishlist Local storage N/A The user (applicant) may choose, as on optional feature, to save some programmes / courses into their "wishlist".

* The actual name of the cookie is derived cryptographically from the domain name