How to apply

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An action plan to complete your application

1. Sign up (become an applicant) and make an account for yourself. You will receive an applicant code.

2. Log in with the received applicant code. Please keep this code in mind and write it down. You should also receive an e-mail with it.

3. Choose a course of your preference by going to Find programmes on the left and click on the Apply now button.

4. Fill in the details, which asked for. Do not forget to save your application every once in a while and pay attention that there are different tabs (profile, documents, etc.).

5. Upload the required documents (if asked for) under the tab documents.

6. After you have completed filling in the details, press submit. When information is missing, you will see a notification. The tab(s) with missing information have a red exclamation mark behind the title of the tab. Please do not forget the task on the far left of the webpage! Here you have to indicate which documents have been added, and/or reasons why you did not. Only after adjusted ALL tasks we can process your application.

7. After submission you can still change your application. After making adjustments, please re-submit again so we can work with the most updated version of your application.

8. You will receive feedback from us on short notice.

11 Feb 2019