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Mindful Leadership: Responsibility and Positive Personal Development

Maastricht Summer School
Netherlands, Maastricht
Maastricht Summer School Netherlands, Bonnefantenstraat 2, 611 KL Maastricht, The Netherlands
Tuition fee €800.00 per programme


‘Mindful Leadership’ is leadership that is rooted in 1) taking and demanding responsibility for addressing major challenges and problems of our times (compassion & empathy);
2) the desire to contribute to the well-being and flourishing of all life (vision of service, kindness and empowerment); and 3) an awareness and understanding of others and self (needs, aspirations, passion, etc.).

But why does it matter? The excessive focus on self-interest and short-term profits in the (business) world and in politics lead to a neglect of holistic value creation. This has caused many social and ecological problems and left many people disillusioned. The recent rise of demagogues and populism, for instance, are a real threat to liberal democracies on both sides of the Atlantic. Are we facing the end of true leadership?

Leadership in its most simple form means taking responsibility. For yourself, for others, the organization you work for and also for society at large. Formal power, status and position are not necessary conditions for leadership to arise and to be developed – everyone can be a leader.

This introductory course will combine the best of two worlds: studying leadership and leadership development. This means that we will combine the academic, more formal inquiry, i.e. the cognitive engagement with important questions around leadership, with the actual immersive experience of leadership development (for example, instead of explaining and discussing what compassion means, you will experience it). This integrated approach promises a deeper understanding and mastery of the content.

Course Objectives

Academic part:
• to understand and define leadership in its historical and current context: what is it? How has it developed over time? why it is important and why we should care?
• to gain knowledge of and critically reflect on various theories and definitions of leadership
• to recognize and analyse leadership and the lack thereof within society and across organizations and how to rebalance society

Leadership Development part:
• to become more aware of ourselves in order to make conscious choices and decisions that fit with the core of our identity and goals in life
• to explore and experience compassion, vulnerability kindness and generosity
• to (re-)discover our authenticity, values, passions, purpose and vision.
• to understand and appreciate the states of focussed attention as in mindfulness, flow and peak performance

Integrated part:
• to understand and appreciate the inter-relationship between the academic study of leadership and its practical development
• to take responsibility for and reflect on our own leadership development process

L. Figge
W. Foppen

Recommended literature
Selected academic book chapters & articles
Blinks (see – you will need a subscription for Blinkist – but they offer a 30 day money back guarantee – if you do not like it, you can cancel within 30 days (so after the course) and get your money back.

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