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Service Innovation and Design

Maastricht Summer School
Netherlands, Maastricht
Maastricht Summer School Netherlands, Bonnefantenstraat 2, 611 KL Maastricht, The Netherlands
Tuition fee €800.00 per programme


Innovation is one of the most important issues in business research today, as it is fundamental for sustainable business success. Innovation leads to improved consumer lives, through better quality products and services and lower prices, and to improved business performance, through transforming old as well as creating new markets. An increasing number of companies also recognize that moving to a service perspective provides additional value to customers, as the customer’s needs can be better emphasised and an improved solution perspective can be taken.

This leads companies to rethink their businesses processes. Often they soon recognize that standard product innovation processes do not fit the service innovation perspective. Hence, it is important for managers to familiarise themselves with service innovation processes and the respective tools to ensure their successful implementation. To realise this, the stream of service design helps by introducing a creative and sound approach to service innovation. It focuses on bringing together teams by providing a structured process. Additionally, service design thinking facilitates brainstorming and solution creation through various tools and methods. As a manager it is crucial to understand how these methods work and how they can be used to motivate employees, challenge different perspectives and work towards a new solution.

The general objective of this course is to provide you with knowledge and hands-on experience of service innovation and design. This course is designed to introduce you to state-of-the-art literature as well as a practical project challenge. You will get the opportunity to work in teams and create a service innovation by applying a range of tools that foster creativity. Additionally, you will further practice a broad range of skills including presentation, analytical, communication, teamwork, and project management skills while working on an actual case in sub-teams.

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The following questions will be addressed in this course:
• How can service innovation be defined? What are drivers, dimensions, and pitfalls of service innovation?
• What is service design and service design thinking?
• How can we benefit from service design in innovation?
• What is an excellent service innovation process?
• What are service design tools? How can we apply these tools to create new solutions?

D. Mahr
C. Vonken
S. Janssen
M.J.M. van Eck

Recommended literature
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• Value Proposition Design, Alexander Osterwalder (Value Proposition Canvas)

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