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Course Description
Governments, NGOs, and private organizations in the developing world are increasingly engaged in donor-funded projects. Often, they are asked to formulate project proposals that are economically, socially, politically, and environmentally viable. To handle these often complex and demanding processes, project managers need to possess the latest knowledge on various project design tools. This course has been designed to appeal to students interested in the aid/development sector as well as students who are interested in logical models that can be applied to project design.

• Understand development project as a concept.
• Acquire knowledge of the Project Life Cycle and the involved decision-making processes.
• Become familiar with the Log Frame Approach.
• Be aware of the importance of preparing quality documents throughout the cycle of operations.
• Gain familiarity with the analytical tools required to characterize problems and needs.
• Acquire knowledge of the planning tools required to assess the feasibility of a given project.
• Be aware of the importance of considering the adequate assumptions while designing a project.
• Understand the three dimensions involved in the design of a project.
• Understand how and why the log frame is structured as a comprehensive logic

Recommend Literature
The Road to Results – World Bank openknowledge.worldbank.org/bitstream/handle/10986/2699/526780PUB0Road101Official0Use0Only1.pdf?sequence=1

Project Management Methodology – Council of Europe

Aid Delivery Methods

Teaching Methods
Assignments, Lectures, Presentations, Research, Skills, Trainings, Work in subgroups

Assessment Methods
Assignment, Attendance, Participation, Presentation

Course Coordinators
Rui Santos

This course is also offered on our campus and can be found here:

Apply now! Maastricht Summer School 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
17 Jun 2024
Apply now! Maastricht Summer School 2023/24
Application period has ended
Studies commence
17 Jun 2024