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Digital Platforms: Competition, IP and Regulation, an Interdisciplinary Perspective

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Course Description
Following the digitalization of even the most traditional brick and mortar sectors of the economy – such as books, retail and even, education – a well-functioning internal market can only be guaranteed by ensuring the competitiveness of digital markets. What role do competition law and intellectual property law play in this digital world?

This course addresses looks at the interplay between IP, data and competition in the digital markets. The challenge of measuring market power and competition in digital markets has key policy implications. This one-week intensive course offers a comparative and inter-disciplinary perspective on the unique regulatory challenges presented by the converged digital markets.

On day 1, we discuss basic inter-disciplinary principles of law, economics and corporate strategy that guide our discussion on the legislative measures in digital markets. We develop the inter-disciplinary foundations, and discuss how economic analysis may strengthen our innovation policies to achieve a truly competitive digital single market?

On day 2 and 3, we discuss the most recent legislative solutions in the European Union, namely, the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Data Act. Considering the very special nature of the DMA, as the first ever-comprehensive framework to regulate the digital gatekeepers to ensure fair and contestable markets, the course offers a detailed and critical insight into this legislative measure.

Day 4 shall offer a comparative perspective from the US, Asian and Latin American scholars. In light of the distinct regulatory approaches pursued, following presentations, case studies, and group discussions, we contemplate, the distinct approaches pursued by authorities worldwide.

On Day 5, we continue with comparative perspectives from scholars worldwide. This shall then follow with a case presentation and mock trial by the participants.

• Learn inter-disciplinary principles (in law, economics and corporate strategy) to assess market power in platform markets.
• Understand how digital markets function, and how the special features of these markets create novel competition challenges.
• Understand Digital Markets Act, Digital Services Act and the Data Act, and evaluate how the Commission’s triangulate strategy is expected to address the competition law issues presented by GAFAM.
• Understand, and appreciate distinct regulatory approaches, such as soft law (Guidelines-driven approach) as distinct from a hard law (regulation) to platform regulation and how they work out in practice.

Recommended Literature
Course material will be provided to the participants.

Teaching Methods
▪ Lectures ▪ Presentations ▪ Work in subgroups ▪ Case Studies ▪ Case Simulation ▪ Daily guest lecturers

Assessment Methods
▪ Class Participation ▪ Presentation ▪ Take home assignment ▪ Live Task, and Role Play
▪ Mock Trial

Course Coordinators
Kalpana Tyagi

Would you like to know and seek more advice on the course? Please email the course coordinator: k.tyagi@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Programme structure

Full time, intensive 40-hour course.

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Not available for applying at the moment