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The financial world is changing—it is changing very fast. The combination of Finance and Technology—commonly known as Fintech—is revolutionizing the way financial services are provided. Bitcoin – the famous crypto currency – has already shocked the financial industry. E-commerce payment, and remittance services are being revolutionized by AI and new technologies. Tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Amazon are trying to compete against other giants like Alipay or WeChat Pay. Facebook, for instance, is going to offer a digital currency called LIBRA. All these are becoming possible due to new technology (AI, DLT) and availability of smart-phones.

This new way of meeting customers’ needs is putting enormous pressure on incumbents because traditional financial service providers, such as banks, are under pressure to provide digital services. But their age-old legacy system is a big problem. Under these circumstances, start-ups using smart technologies, are disrupting the financial services markets by offering smart solutions to satisfy customer needs better and cheaper. This is equally true for payment, investment, and insurance businesses. In order to cope with this pressure, many classic financial service providers, are already busy transforming their services to compete with the new entrants. More often than not, they are cooperating with start-ups to share innovations in the financial services markets.

But questions remain: How will this transformation revolutionize the financial services market? What are the disruptive technologies? How are they disrupting the existing business models? How the incumbents are going to accommodate disruptive technologies? How do new innovations such as Distributed Ledger Technology is going to be used by various players, including governments?

The objective of this module is to learn the latest developments in the financial services industry by address the following questions:
• How has the financial services industry evolved and what was the role of technology and regulation? What are major current changes in technology and regulation and how is the financial service industry responding?
• What is the current dominant business model and how are Fintech entrants changing this business model?
• What are the consequences for individuals, companies, and governments?
• The road ahead: what changes can we expect in the financial service landscape?
• Will Fintech offer a digital divide again or improve social inclusion?

Who should attend this course?
This course is suitable for:
• Current 3rd year bachelor or (prospective) master students in a program related to finance and business
• Start-ups in financial services
• Entrepreneurs who are already managing, or planning to open, a business
• Current and potential investors in financial markets

Course Duration and Dates
This is a one week course running from the 20th of July until the 24th of July, 2020. Due to COVID-19, we have decided to cancel all on-campus education this summer. The courses will be scheduled in Central European Time [CET] so it is possible that some time slots are not ideal for people in certain time zones. However, when scheduling the courses, we will try to take into account the different time zones as much as we can.

The number of credits earned after successfully concluding this course is the equivalent of 2 ECTS according to Maastricht University’s guidelines. For further information see the MSS terms and conditions

An educational background in finance and an interest in the developing field of FinTech.

Recommend literature
No textbook is required to buy. Relevant information will be provided during the sessions.

Teaching methods
Lecture, Presentation, Discussion, Debate, Demonstration

Assessment methods
Class Participation; Assignments, group work and presentation

Fintech, cryptocurrency, DLT, Banking, Investment, Insurance, Payment

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Not available for applying at the moment