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Human Resources Management, Leadership and Culture in an International Context

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Netherlands, Maastricht
Maastricht Summer School Netherlands, Bonnefantenstraat 2, 6211 KL Maastricht, The Netherlands
Tuition fee €1,199 one-time
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Course Description
This Summer Course is a two week 4 ECT program focusing on adding a global dimension to the participants’ knowledge acquired in their 3rd year bachelor curriculum.
This Summer Course opts to go beyond mere textbook knowledge. The focus lies more on recent insights, in-depth understanding and practical application.
Topics in Week 1. Leadership and Culture in International Context:
• Leadership in international context
• Cultures as context
• Cross-cultural management
• Impact of culture; individual and corporate level
• The international manager/leader
• Tools for assessing corporate culture
• Corporate culture and change
Topics in Week 2. HRM in International Context
• Strategic HRM in international context
• Technical HRM aspects in international context (international recruitment/selection/talent management, etc.)
• Training and development in international context
HRM and Innovation (e.g. robotization, 3rd wave of virtual work, etc.)
• Work and Sustainability in international context.

Depending on the number of participants, the sequence can vary.

The main goals of this course are:
1. To define a thorough understanding of the growing need for leadership and management of cultural diversity in the global business context.
2. To provide conceptual and practical frameworks for successfully managing people and teams in a global, cross-cultural context.
3. To identify new developments in the field of HRM, in relation to the increasing international and cross-cultural workforce.
4. To develop the necessary insights and skills for international managers and professionals to operate successfully in an highly competitive, international context.

Recommended Literature
• Leadership and Change Management, A Cross-Cultural Perspective, D. Halkias, J.Santora, P.Thurman, N.Harkiolakis (2017); Routledge; ISBN-10: 1472471660.
• Human Resource Management, 10th edition, Torrington & Hall (2017); Pearson; ISBN-978: 1292129099.

Furthermore a variety of articles regarding the content of the course as well as websites such as HBR.org, Singularity Hub, CIPD.co.uk., InvestorsinPeople.com

Teaching Methods
Lectures, Presentations, Assignments, Skills, Work in subgroups.

Assessment Methods
Attendance, Participation, Observation, Assignment, Presentation
Peer review.

Course Coordinators
Willem Scheepers
Geert Heling

Apply now! Maastricht Summer School 2023
Application deadline
3 Jun 2023, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Studies commence
3 Jul 2023
Apply now! Maastricht Summer School 2023
Application deadline
3 Jun 2023, 23:59:59
Central European Time
Studies commence
3 Jul 2023